ReSOURCE Appliance Repair

ReSOURCE is committed to providing a self-sustaining social enterprise so that its programs, people, and promises can grow and serve more people each year. One means of funding its programming is through its repair programs.
Large Appliance repair technicians are certified in refrigeration, LP and natural gas. Our technicians are available to work on appliances in our shop or in your home.
During 2010, ReSOURCE's Appliances repair service refurbished and sold or gave away 236 fridges, 234 ranges, 226 washers, and 169 dryers and serviced hundreds of appliances which may have otherwise gone to the landfill.
Click here for a schedule of ReSOURCE's Appliance Services and Fees.
If you would like to speak with someone in our Appliance repair department, or if you would like to schedule an appliance repair, please call 802.316.4210.